Server problems solved…mostly.

It’s been a busy week – I had some help getting my PHP scripts working again last week (thanks Martin) and have spent the last 5 days updating all of them (two for each game). They work slightly differently from the original ones so I’ve also had to update and recompile all the games in the process as well. hard work. 🙂

But now I’m done and they have all been updated and works again – the Windows games anyway.
…the OSX games will have to wait a while as I don’t really have time to fix them right now.



Omega Race 2009 updated to version 1.4 (Windows only).

Someone commented on my YouTube channel recently about the controls on Omega Race 2006 and as part of my answer I suggested the person to try out the 2009 version. He answered me this;

“Since I was interested in the most basic retro B&W vector-licious experience I haven’t tried the 2009 version yet. It really does a good job of looking like a vector screen”

I usually put in a fair amount of options in my games, so in retrospect I’m kinda surprised that I hadn’t added a monochrome mode to my second version of Omega Race. Well, a couple of days ago I decided to do just that. 🙂

I added a monochrome mode – still using glowing lines, but as I was finishing it I thought to myself “hey, this is not what I wanted to add” so I also added a “pure clean line monochrome version” to it too. Very retro. 😀

I also added the option to adjust the amount of glow (in the modes that uses it) which is also present in a couple of my later vector games – just to give people a chance to tweak the look a bit…not all monitors are the same. I also added the option to toggle the background music off. Personally I love the music, but it does enhance the retro-feel to play it without music. Now the option is there so you can chose your preferred style.

Read more and download the game here.

Here’s a couple of screenshots from the updated version.

Glowing monochrome mode (click to enlarge).


“Pure line mode” (click to enlarge).


Updated: Black Widow (osx only).

It turns out there was a couple of small problems with the OSX version of Black Widow, but they should be fixed now.

  • It’ll now save its settings directly to the Documents folder, so it’ll now run directly from the dmg file without throwing up an error as before.
  • I’ve also added a check for closing the game using ctrl-q and the red close button. It should work most places in the game (but not in the “instructions” menu…I think I forgot that). 🙂
  • I’ve also fixed the automatic “search for updates” function that is run when scores are synced. Unfortunately I hadn’t expected as many entries in the sql table that holds the version numbers, so the game would hang when scores were synced, but that works now too.

That last problem, though…I think that problem affects all my older (osx) versions too, so I’ll be going through them sometime in 2013. :-/

Find the updated, v1.1, osx version of Black Widow here:


Christmas time is here, by golly, Disapproval would be folly.

Another year, another Christmas (kinda predictable, really) and I’ve finally caught up with something I’ve been meaning to do for a while now – port my two existing Christmas games to OSX so they can be played by Mac people too.

So The Snowman (’09) and The Night Before Christmas (’10) are now available for both Windows and Mac OSX, too.

Click the links above or on the banners below to go to where they can be downloaded.

You’ll notice that there are 3 banners. Yup, that’s a small sneakpeek at my latest Christmas game “Buggerman: The Xmass Heist” which I’m working on and hope to have finished before Christmas.


The Snowman - now on OSX too.

The Snowman - now on OSX too.

The Night Before Christmas - now on OSX too.

The Night Before Christmas - now on OSX too.

Buggerman: The Xmass Heist - coming this Christmas (I hope).

Buggerman: The Xmass Heist - coming this Christmas (I hope).